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Different Types Of Glass Pipes

Glass water pipes are a great way to enjoy smoking tobacco. These pipes are commonly called water bongs, but can really enhance the smoking experience. The glass water pipe actually functions as a way to filter tobacco. The filter works by using different percolators. There are actually a few different styles of percolators that you can choose from when picking out a glass water pipe. Each type of glass water pipe will give you a different type of experience. Here are some different types of glass pipes and some of the benefits of each: 

Beaker Base

Just like the beakers that you used in science class, these beaker based glass water pipes provide an exceptional smoking experience. This type of pipe is usually tall enough to allow the smoke to cool before you inhale. There will usually be an ice catch that allows you to cool your smoke even more before you inhale. This style of glass water pipe also will often have dual percolators that will create smaller air bubbles that effectively filter the smoke. The beaker based water bong is always a great choice if you want a clean and cool smoke.

Straight Tube Bong

One of the most common types of bongs is the straight tube water pipe. This is a very classic design that allows for a very smooth smoke There is a single cylinder that will have a removable downstem and bowl slide. The tubes can be customized in many ways, often having engravings and color worked into the glass. One of the main reasons that the straight pipe bong is so popular is because it is so simple to use. There is not a lot of complicated parts of aspects to the bong.


An excellent choice for a water pipe is a recycler. These are great for smoking different herbs, but also for smoking concentrates. The pipe constantly keeps water moving in the chamber of your pipe. The constant water motion creates a whirlpool effect that allows you to obtain full flavor of your smoke without having to take a drag. A recycler is going to going to have two different chambers that are attached by intake and drain tubes. The first chamber will be the primary percolator, which filters the smoke. The second chamber is usually a cone and forces the water into a whirlpool. While you inhale, the smoke goes through the recycling chamber and into your lungs.