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4 Great Types Of Customizable Ribbons

If you are part of a sporting organization, customized ribbons can be a great way to do everything from promote your league to recognize the accomplishments of the most skilled athletes. That said, many people don't know about the different types of ribbons and their various uses. So take a look below if you're wondering how you can incorporate personalized ribbons into your recreational sports league.

Ribbon Rolls

The primary advantage of ribbon rolls is that they can contain longer text which repeats itself along the length of the ribbon. This text can be virtually anything, from the name of your league, to an organizational motto, to the names of specific players. Because the ribbons are packaged as rolls, they can be easily cut and tied to bags or other packages, which increases visibility and name recognition. 


Promotional ribbons are utilized in a different context than those that come in rolls, as they are regularly used to promote specific events. These ribbons can be displayed on bulletin boards or attached to merchandise as well. One advantage that promotional ribbons have over ribbon rolls is that they have a much greater amount of space for text and graphics. Make your promotional ribbons stand out by making their designs both eye-catching and easy to read. In this way, whatever event you're promoting is sure to gain more attention.


When most people think of ribbons in the context of sports, they think of award ribbons. These ribbons are much larger than their roll and promotional counterparts, and for good reason -- they celebrate the achievements of specific individuals and give them something of which they can be proud. Many people think of them as equivalent to trophies and medals, and they are an ever-popular choice for sporting leagues who want to recognize teams or players who have gone above and beyond. They can be ordered in any one of a number of colors, though blue, red and other bright colors remain the most popular.


Badge ribbons are unique in that they can be pinned to clothing. Award ribbons are certainly much too large for this, and would look awkward anyway. But badge ribbons are smaller and more versatile, while still catching the eyes of passerby. These ribbons are most useful at large conferences or sporting events where you may want employees or representatives to wear their name or position on their sleeve - literally.