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Three Adventure Vacations You'll Never Forget

Does the idea of an adventure-based vacation where you interact with the natural world sound more appealing to you than visiting some tired old tourist trap with a theme park while staying in a mediocre hotel room with a crowded swimming pool? If so you're certainly not alone -- adventure tourism is on the rise among all demographics. Following are just three fabulous vacation ideas available to those craving adventures and wishing to see some of the Earth's most scenic wild places:

An Antarctic Cruise

Those seeking to satisfy their thirst for adventure as well as pander to their longing for luxury should consider booking a cruise to Antarctica. You'll sail through some of the planet's purest waters and view wildlife such as seals, dolphins, whales, penguins, albatross, and the starkly beautiful wild scenery of the Antarctic continent will stay in your mind forever. You'll be among the first wave of people to ever walk on the shores of Antarctica yet your trip will be full of classic shipboard luxuries such as gourmet meals, spa treatments, roomy cabins, and entertainment while your ship glides through radiant blue icebergs

Visit the Kenai Fords National Park in Alaska

The last vestiges of the Ice Age can be seen in Kenai Fords National Park. The Harding Ice Field features almost 40 glaciers surrounded by lush green forest. You'll see abundant wildlife and have access to a wide variety of activities. For instance, the U.S. Forest Service sponsors Ranger-led learning activities for all ages -- if you've got kids in your group, they can have the opportunity to participate in the Junior Ranger program. You can also explore the fjords via small boat tours, or, for a completely close-up experience, you can go kayaking in the fjords or hike the Harding Ice Trail. Plenty of camping opportunities are available, or if you'd rather spend the night indoors. it's just a short drive back to Anchorage or Seward where you can enjoy a world-class gourmet meal of fresh Alaska seafood. 

Attend Mountain Bike Oregon in Oakridge, Oregon 

Oakridge is a former timber community in Oregon that was one the verge of becoming a ghost town when it was reborn as a mountain biking mecca. Mountain Bike Oregon happens every year in July and features some of the most scenic single tracks in the Pacific Northwest. This festival provides an excellent balance of community and chances to commune with nature. 

Please don't hesitate to contact your local travel professional for more information on booking the adventure vacation of your dreams. Contact a company like Things to do in Broken Bow ok for more information and assistance.