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Tips To Teach Children About Chipping At A Net

Golf camp is a perfect opportunity for each attendee to improve his or her chipping. Aptitude in this part of golf can directly relate to lower scores. Even if a player ends up in the sand with his or her tee or approach shot, the player should be able to save the ball by cleanly hitting it out of the sand and onto the green. If you're a golf camp instructor, you'll often use nets as chipping targets for your students, which can not only be a valuable teaching tool, but it can also make for some fun competition. Here are some tips to emphasize during this drill. 

Get The Ball High

Unless a golfer is executing a "bump and run" style of shot when approaching the green, he or she typically wants to get the ball high in the air. This is extremely valuable with chipping, because even if the shot doesn't land where the golfer wants, it won't fly well past the target. Teach your students the importance of getting the ball high as it sails toward the net. This way, the ball will "sit down," in golf parlance, when it lands, even if it doesn't hit the land. Subtle stance changes and even changes in clubs can make it easier to get the ball high. 

Imagine A Secondary Target

A chipping net may only have a small diameter, and this means that most students' shots aren't going to go into the net. While it's important for each player to adopt a positive mindset and attempt to sink his or her ball in the net, you should also discuss imagining a secondary target. In other words, if the ball doesn't hit the net, it's not a total miss if the ball lands within the secondary target range. This may be a circle around the net with a diameter of 10 feet. Should a golfer be able to consistently chip his or her ball into this larger target, it will lead to success when playing a round. 

Practice From Different Lies

Mastering chipping with the help of a chipping net depends on each player's ability to make good shots from different lies—in other words, from the ball being set in different conditions. Your players should practice chipping at the net from the fairway, from the rough, and from the sand. Being adept at chipping from only one of these areas could create problems when the ball lands elsewhere, so repeated practice from multiple lies will improve your campers' aptitude.

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