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Six Important Pieces Of Motocross Gear That Ensure Safety

One of the most important functions of your motocross gear is to keep you safe and to help you avoid injury when you're riding. If you're missing an important piece of safety gear, you put yourself at risk of falling victim to a wide variety of hazards while riding.

It's a good idea to get together a checklist of the gear you need and make sure you use all the important safety equipment each and every time you ride. The following are six important pieces of motocross gear that ensure safety and are necessities for when you're on your bike:

Chest protectors

A chest protector offers protection of a variety of different body parts including the chest, shoulders, and stomach. Chest protectors are important for blocking debris that tends to fly up during a motocross ride like sticks and rocks. Chest protectors also offer a lot of protection in the event of a fall. 


A helmet is an absolute necessity to protect your head and face. Helmets vary depending on whether they are designed for riding a bike on the street or riding over dirt terrain.

Helmets that are specifically designed for motocross events generally offer more room in the eye area so that goggles can fit in with them. Also, motocross helmets will include a vented mouth piece to facilitate breathing while also protecting the mouth. 

Neck braces

Neck injuries resulting from motocross accidents can be particularly severe. It's therefore a good idea to add a neck brace to one's safety arsenal when enjoying motocross events. 

Neck braces are designed to displace the stress that would be experienced in the neck during a fall so that it comes down on the chest and shoulders rather than the neck itself.


During a motocross ride, debris will eventually fly up and get into the rider's eyes if they are not protected by goggles. Goggles keep debris like dirt, rocks, insects, and twigs from getting into the rider's eyes. 

It's important that motocross goggles are ventilated so that they don't fog up while they are used. It's also important that goggles are spacious enough to fit over prescription glasses. 


Gloves protect the hands while riders are riding and also reduce the occurrence of blisters and fatigue. They also offer protection in the event of a fall. 


It's important to use specially designed motocross boots that will offer reinforced protection over the shins, feet, and ankles. Riders can easily twist their ankles severely during a fall without fortified boots that won't flex excessively. 

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