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What Do Tree Stands And Tree Houses Have In Common?

Hunters construct tree stands for hunting. They use these stands in which to sit up high and hunt big game with a major advantage; they can see the game coming. The tree stands are either small places for you to actually stand and lean up against a tree, or they are large enough that you can sit and survey the land in front of you.

Tree houses, on the other hand, are an entirely different thing. Usually, only kids construct tree houses, but as Swiss Family Robinson proves, you can build tree houses for entire families. So, what on earth could tree stands and tree houses have in common?

You Need a Way to Climb Up

Both tree stands and tree houses need a way to climb up to them. If you cannot climb up to them, you cannot sit on or in, or stand on or in, these tree-dwelling structures. There are a couple of ways you can accomplish this.


Knotted ropes are a popular method of climbing trees. If you are young and limber, the ropes work just fine. If you are middle-aged and struggle to carry your hunting rifle up to the tree stand, then the ropes will not work quite as well. Maybe you would like a ladder.

Rope Ladders and Wood Ladders

Rope ladders are partly rope with wood rungs or all rope with rope rungs. Wood ladders are all wood, of course. There are just a couple of problems with using ladders. 

  1. You cannot leave them hanging to the ground if you do not want your prey to spot them there and smelling of you.
  2. You cannot leave them hanging down if you do not want others to climb up to your tree stand or tree house. Squatters in your stand or treehouse are definitely not safe or fun.
  3. Both wood and rope ladders eventually rot, fall apart, and cause you to fall to the ground.

Ladders are always more work than you want or need, too.

Sturdy Tree Stand Climbing Sticks

These "climbing sticks" are comprised entirely of heavy duty steel. They can bear up under the weight of an adult and support the weight of a kid easily. They are secured to a tree with bungee cords, and their coloration blends in with the tree so well you can hardly tell that the climbing sticks are there. You never need to pull them up, drop them down, or worry about leaving behind human scent because the metal will not absorb human oils or sweat.

For more information on where to find sturdy tree stand climbing sticks, contact your local sporting goods store.