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Why You Should Wear A Lightweight Long-Sleeve T-Shirt When Hiking

Even though having the right boots or shoes is important, you don't have to buy a whole lot of professional gear to have fun hiking. One basic that you will want to wear might already be in your closet: a lightweight long-sleeve T-shirt. This is an essential piece to wear anytime that you want to hit the trails.

Stay Cool

Long sleeves might not seem like the ideal choice when you're hiking in the heat. The right lightweight T-shirt with long sleeves will help keep you cool, though. Basically, it'll help keep your sweat in, which can be circulated around your body to cool you off. Of course, the trick to this is buying and wearing a lightweight T-shirt with long sleeves, not a sweater or sweatshirt. T-shirts that are made out of bamboo are actually ideal for this.

Avoid Sunburn

Sunscreen is another must-have for your upcoming hiking trip, even if it's in the middle of winter and even if it's going to be cloudy. Of course, sunscreen wears off or gets rubbed off, so you don't want to rely on it alone to protect you. Wearing long-sleeve shirts can help protect your arms from the sun. To protect the rest of you, you'll probably want to wear long pants and a hat or visor to shield your face.

Prevent Bug Bites

Getting bit by bugs might seem like it's par for the course when you're hiking. It is a surefire way to make you miserable, though. Bug sprays do work, but they only last for so long or work for so well. If you don't want to end up with bug bites all over your arms, the solution isn't to use more bug spray. Instead, it's to wear long sleeves that cover your arms and protect them from contact from any biting insects.

Stay Safe from Scratches

If you're envisioning yourself walking on a perfect trail, then you're probably kidding yourself. Even the best hiking trails and paths often have trees, shrubs, and other plants that have briers and hanging limbs. No matter how careful you are to dodge them when you're walking by them, getting scratched is a real possibility. Having a long-sleeve T-shirt on instead of baring your arms is your first step of protection against these scratches and cuts.

If you're looking for gear to wear on your hiking trip, don't forget your lightweight long-sleeve T-shirt. This is just a short list of why these T-shirts are a lifesaver for hikers. For more information on free fly lightweight clothing, contact your local clothing store.