Becoming More Active

Participate In Clogging Lessons

Clog dancing is an art that involves rhythmically moving one's feet to a specific beat. Each movement is predominantly executed by placing pressure on the balls of the feet. Clogs are a wooden type of shoe that is often worn while dancing, but it is not a necessity when learning this dance style. Treat yourself to a good time by learning how to clog at a dance classes studio.

Sign Up For Lessons

If you don't have much dancing experience, do not be concerned. Clogging lessons are offered at all experience levels. A beginner class will teach you the basics of clogging, including some simple to moderate footwork and insight about the style of shoes that professional cloggers wear and the type of clothing that is customarily worn while clogging at a social event.

Pay for your lessons for an entire month so that you can truly immerse yourself in the lessons and determine if clogging is an activity that you thoroughly enjoy. If so, pay for additional months or choose a dancing class that is geared toward experienced cloggers after you have mastered the basics. 

Purchase Comfortable Footwear And Clothing

Before your initial lesson, you will receive a list of some items that you should purchase for the class. A comfortable pair of footwear that contains soles that have a rough surface and clothing that contains elastic waistbands and stretchy fabric will help you maintain your composure as you follow along with your instructor.

Since clogging is new to you and the others in your class, your instructor will probably provide an overview of the dance style before demonstrating how to complete each movement. It may seem tricky to move your feet properly, but if you focus on each song's beat instead of the rest of the background noise, you will be prompted to move your feet at the correct time. 

Take Your Dance Moves To The Next Level

If you do fairly well in the clogging class and feel as if you have made quite an accomplishment, there is no reason not to integrate your talent in other parts of your life.

Provide your loved ones with demonstrations during an intimate gathering or sign up for a dance performance at a local fair or carnival. Because clogging is usually performed in groups, it won't be too intimidating to dance in front of a live audience because you will have other seasoned cloggers alongside you every step of the way.