Becoming More Active

Rent A Paddleboard For One Of These Activities

On a day with good weather, it can be fun to get together with a few friends, rent some paddleboards at a local waterside rental center, and spend some time paddling around the water. In addition to being enjoyable and producing lots of laughs, this activity can be valuable for keeping you in shape or helping you to get in better shape. Beyond the straightforward act of paddling, there are a number of other activities that you can try on a rented paddleboard. Here are some options that you can consider.


If you've tried yoga in a local studio or in your home, you may wish to try some poses on a paddleboard. Doing so can be a challenge, so it's best to have a degree of familiarity with yoga before you attempt this unique approach to the activity. The challenge comes from the fact that the paddleboard will rock from side to side as you move through your poses, which will require more core strength to keep your body steady. People perform all sorts of yoga poses on paddleboards, including seated and standing poses, as well as advanced poses that are inverted.


Another activity that you may wish to pursue on your rented paddleboard is fishing. If you don't own your own fishing boat and want to do something other than fish from the shore, taking a few pieces of gear onto the paddleboard and paddling to a good fishing spot can be fun. Fishing from a paddleboard offers a number of advantages, including the fact that you don't have a motor that may scare off the fish. Additionally, the lack of a deep hull means that you can maneuver the paddleboard into areas where the water is shallow.

Traveling With Your Dog

If you have a pet dog and you enjoy taking it with you during different activities, another option to consider is going paddling while the dog rides on the paddleboard. Many people enjoy this activity, and provided that you've previously had your dog around the water and found that the animal enjoys this setting, it may have fun on the paddleboard. You'll want to equip the dog with a lifejacket, as well as give it some time to adjust to the activity. If you have friends who live on the water near where you're renting the paddleboard, it can be a fun surprise to show up at their dock with your dog.

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