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Important Things That You'll Learn In A Gun Safety Class

When you buy a firearm, one of the best decisions that you can make is to enroll in a gun safety class. These classes are easy to find in virtually every area, and they typically cover a wide range of important topics that will help to keep you, your family, and other people around you safe from firearm accidents. The exact curriculum of gun safety classes can vary considerably. For example, some classes will primarily focus on hunting, while others will be more general in their scope. In general, however, you can expect that your class will thoroughly cover the following topics.

Safe Handling

Every gun safety class will devote time to talking about the safe handling of your firearm. There are several rules that your instructor will emphasize. A popular rule is to always act as though your gun is loaded, even when you know that it's not. Following this rule will ensure that you never raise the barrel toward someone else, that you keep your finger outside of the trigger ring, and that you don't place the firearm where a child might grab it. You'll also learn how to correctly hold the gun to prevent an accidental discharge, how to use the firearm's safety, and much more.

Safe Cleaning

Accidental discharges can often occur when people clean their firearms. Keeping your gun clean is important, but some people can make the dangerous mistake of starting the cleaning process without realizing that their firearm is actually loaded. You can expect that your gun safety class will spend time teaching you how to approach cleaning your gun with safety in mind. The exact method will depend on what type of firearm you're cleaning, but it generally begins with removing the magazine (if applicable) and safely checking the chamber to ensure that no ammunition is present.

Gun Range Safety

You can also expect to learn about how to safely visit your local gun range, which is important because you'll likely be going to the gun range to practice with your new firearm. Being safe at the gun range includes not only the safe handling of your own gun but also being aware of other people around you. For example, you can expect to learn some common safety rules that virtually all ranges have in effect so that you don't make a mistake during one of your early visits. Knowing these rules is especially important when you're downrange. Contact a local organization that provides gun safety classes to learn more and sign up.

For more information on gun safety classes, contact a professional near you.