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Reasons to Buy Your Next Boat from a Local Boat Dealer

Of all the places you can purchase a boat from, a local boat dealer offers advantages that other options can't match. Here are several reasons to purchase your next boat from a local dealer.

Support the Local Marine Economy

Purchasing from any business helps support the local economy, and that's always helpful to the area. Supporting your local marine economy is especially important in areas with limited boating, though.

If you live in a major boating area, your purchase from a local dealer will help support the economy -- but it'll have only so much of an impact because of the large market.

If you live in a place where the boating season is limited and the marine economy is limited, your purchase will have a notable impact on the local boating economy. Selling a boat is a major revenue source for dealers in areas where boating isn't as popular, and your purchase will significantly help support their business. 

Of course, you should want the local marine economy to thrive so that you have no trouble finding service, gear, or another boat when you need these things.

Avoid Delivery Fees

When you purchase a boat from a local dealer, you're able to avoid any delivery fees that might apply if you order from a business outside of the area. You don't have to worry about the local delivering the boat, for you can trailer it home yourself. In fact, you might even be able to drive the boat from the dealer's location to your home's.

Find Suitable Boats

Local boat dealers carry boats that are appropriate for the nearby waterways. When you go to a local dealer, you won't waste time looking at boats that draw too much water for area passes, or are too small for the area's waves. Every boat a the local dealer will be well-suited for the nearby places that you boat.

Get Tips on Boating in the Area

The salesperson you talk to at a local boat dealer is probably themselves an avid boater, and they could have extensive knowledge of the area's waterways. 

As you discuss what type of boating you like to do and what you want in a watercraft, the salesperson may have some additional tips for you. While it's not guaranteed, they might know of less common spots that are worth checking out. They also might be able to connect you with boaters who have similar interests. 

Speak with a boat dealer to learn more before your next purchase.