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Why You May Want A Hunting Bag To Take On Waterfowl Hunts

Hunting waterfowl from a blind often means sitting for a while to avoid making noise and reducing movement to ensure the birds don't see you. A waterfowl hunting blind bag can help because it allows you to carry things with you that you might need while waiting quietly for the birds.

Blind Bags

Waterfowl blind bags are utility bags made from waterproof canvas that have room to organize gear and allow you to bring things like extra ammunition, bird calls, and a small first aid kit to the blind with you when you arrive. You may also want to add a thermos of coffee, some snacks, and maybe medications to the bag, depending on the time of day you are hunting and how long you will be in the field. 

There are many different styles to choose from when searching for a waterfowl hunting bag, and you can often see many of these options at an outdoor outfitter or retailer in your area. There are some things to consider as you look at these bags, but no one style is correct for every hunter, so find the one that is right for your situation and is comfortable to carry in and out of the woods.

Bag Weight

It is vital to consider the weight of a fully-loaded waterfowl hunting blind bag when you are considering one. If the bag is large enough to carry all the things you want to take into the blind, it could be heavy and hard to navigate. 

There are backpack-style hunting bags that make the weight more manageable, but if the access to your hunting blind is overgrown or deliberately hidden, you also need to get the bag through the brush to the blind. Heavy hunting bags are fine if you are not going far with them, but if you have to hike a good distance to get to that favorite waterfowl hunting spot, a heavy bag may leave you tired when you do get there. 

What's In Your Bag

the contents of a waterfowl hunting bag will typically be different for individual hunters, but there are some things you should consider taking with you. If you are going out into the woods for a while, it is good to take a couple of bottles of water in your bag. They don't have to be huge, but even a couple of small bottles can help when needed. 

A small first aid kit is always a good idea, and it should have a good mix of bandages and supplies to get you out of the woods when needed. A compass, a cell or satellite phone for trips well off the grid, flashlights, and some snack foods to keep you going during your hunt. 

For more info, look into various waterfowl hunting bags and choose the right one for your needs.