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3 Fly Fishing Tips

Fly fishing can be a different kind of challenge from other kinds of fishing. If you want to try fly fishing, you may be looking for some tips so that you can have a successful trip and catch as many fish as you can. 

Fish Species

One thing that you can do is double-check what fish species live in the area where you want to go fishing. That way you aren't going to be expecting to get one kind of fish and end up getting a different one. For example, if you want to catch salmon, you need to make sure that you are fishing on a river that is a salmon habitat, and during a time when the salmon are most likely to be there. 


There are several kinds of fishing flies out there. Some work better in certain areas and with certain kinds of fish. You can check if the area you are going to go fishing has particular flies that are best associated with those areas. For example, if you are going to go fishing on the Bighorn River in Montana or Wyoming, then you could turn to the Internet or check with experts who fish in that area to see what kind of fly to use there. You may find out that you should try a rusty spinner, captive dun, or foam beetle fly. The fish in that river and the river's geography tend to favor those kinds of flies. This means you should probably stock up on those kinds so that you are ready when you get out to the Bighorn. 

Practice Your Casts

Take some time to practice your casts before you get out to the river. Fly fishing casts are going to be different from other kinds of fishing. Part of that is because the fly fishing rod is generally longer than other rods and may be lighter and whippier than you are used to. Head out to your backyard with a fly fishing rod and learn how to cast with it, and practice those casts over and over so that you are comfortable with how the cast feels. 

Whether you are a first-time fly fisher or you have done it before, having a few tips is always going to make your fishing trip a lot more fun for you and hopefully a more successful one too. Contact a local company, such as Montana Fly Fisher, to learn more.