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How To Get Ready For Your Concealed Carry Classes

Carrying a concealed weapon requires a special license that can be obtained through a simple course that is hosted by an approved company. These courses generally last a few hours (although this might be different depending on where you live) and cover all the necessary requirements to allow you to get your permit. If you are finally going in for your concealed carry class, you may be wondering what you need to do to prepare. While it is a simple course, there are some tips you should know about before you arrive, so here are some helpful pointers.

The Right Clothing

While there is no set rule as to what you have to wear to these courses, it is a good idea to put on the same clothes you would intend to conceal carry in later on. Also, just for general safety, when in an unfamiliar environment, it is advisable to have enclosed shoes, long pants, and clothing that is easy to move around in and is not too loose or constrictive. Apart from that, you should be fine to wear whatever you want, just make sure you feel comfortable in it and know that you will not offend anybody with any crass slogans or visual materials. 

Notebook And Writing Material

You will be given some form of booklet or questionnaire that you will keep with you at all times during the course. It is a good idea to also bring your own notebook and write down pointers that you think could be tested later. At the end of the day you will generally receive a test of some kind, so being prepared is vital. Usually bringing both a pen and pencil is advisable, the pencil for notes that you can erase and update and the pen for the test.

Hearing Protection

In a lot of concealed carry classes, you will be asked to fire a weapon that you are seeking a permit for. First, you will be asked what your experience level is and whether or not you have any legal concerns that would preclude you from obtaining this license. After that, if you are all clear, you may be asked to use the weapon, and when that does happen, it is important you wear your own hearing protection that you know is good for your use. The protection available at these courses may not fit you comfortably and can distract you if you are unfamiliar with it. 

For more information about concealed carry classes, reach out to a local service.