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Custom Add-Ons For Your New Pool Install

Your new pool can be equipped with custom features that rival the features that a luxury pool at a resort may possess. An infinity wall, a beach entryway, and a tanning ledge that comes equipped with seating are some add-ons that your pool contractor can install with your new water feature.

An Infinity Wall

An infinity wall creates the illusion that the edge of a pool naturally merges with the landscape. This type of illusion makes it seem as if there is no definitive ending to the pool. An infinity wall can be added to one or more sides of your new water feature. One of the first steps essential in planning the construction of the pool is determining where the pool will be situated on your land.

If you have a beautiful backdrop that you would like to coordinate with your pool, you may choose to have an infinity wall located adjacent to the backdrop that you would like to enjoy while swimming in your new water feature. Your pool contractor will use a sloped design to create an infinity wall. If you opt to have a single infinity wall added to the pool, the remaining walls will contain a standard rigid design.

A Beach Entryway

A beach entryway is one that gradually declines. This type of entryway is representative of the way an ocean and beach merge. Your contractor will use a slight gradient when designing this type of entryway. If you would like your pool to be similar in design to what you experience when visiting an ocean, you may want to omit the use of steps altogether. If this is not a concern, you may want to have a beach entryway added to your pool's design, but choose some underwater steps that extend past the gradual decline. 

A Tanning Ledge And Seating

A tanning ledge can be built alongside the pool. It can also be constructed to extend outward over the water feature. Pool stools are furnishings that can be anchored to the inside of a water feature. If you enjoy laying out, but would also like to be supplied with an interesting place to dine, enjoy cocktails, or conversate with friends, your contractor can install a tanning ledge that will be large enough for sunbathing and seated activities.

A tanning ledge that is going to be equipped with seating should be installed along the shallow end of your pool. This is due to the seats being submerged in the water. You will need to be supplied with shallow water, which will allow you to safely use the seating.

For more information, contact an inground swimming pool installation service near you.